The Board of Directors, representing a variety of interests, steer the direction and vision of Uptown Greenville. Board elections are held in the fall and terms last three years. If you would like to nominate someone or be considered for a position on this dynamic and active board, send your name or the name of your nominee, employment information and a brief description to info@uptowngreenville.com.

Board of Directors

  • Planning and Development

    Jim Blount

    Blount Properties

  • District Property Owner

    Jonathan Taft

    Taft Family Ventures

  • Daytime Business Owner

    Troy Dreyfus

    Pirate Radio

  • Nighttime Business Owner

    Bret Oliverio

    Sup Dogs

  • Late Night Business Owner

    Travis Hixon

    Still Life

  • At-Large

    Michael Glenn


  • At-Large

    Sarah Weir

    Sarah Weir Group

  • At-Large

    JJ McLamb

    Buggy's Bar

  • At-Large

    Michael Cowin

    City of Greenville

  • At-Large

    Scott Senatore

    ECU Health

  • At-Large

    Erik Kneubuehel


  • At-Large

    Andrew Schmidt

    Visit Greenville NC

  • At-Large

    Trent McGee

    Chamber of Commerce

  • At-Large

    Kathy Howard


  • At-Large

    Will Bell

    City Council

  • At-Large

    Ryan Bonnet

    SGA President

  • At-Large

    Gray Williams

    Playfly Sports