GREENVILLE, N.C. — Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint will soon join the growing list of businesses located in Uptown Greenville along Dickinson Avenue. With 10 existing locations in Virginia, Tennessee, and Alabama, Greenville was a perfect fit.“We like mid-sized cities that have life and a lot of fun,” said regional manager Brent Hill. “Greenville has been on our radar for a long while.” The rejuvenating Dickinson Avenue will mesh well with the restaurant’s feel, which Hill described as “Grandpa’s garage.”

Jack Brown’s is the culmination of a childhood dream for owners Aaron Ludwig and Mike Sabin. The pair set out to design the beer and burger joint that they’d want to hang out in, with a simple menu and a space aimed at making customers feel welcome.

The menu features burgers made of 100-percent Wagyu beef, known for its marbling and buttery texture. All toppings are made in-house with high-quality ingredients. More than 120 beers will be available.

“It’s a burger joint with a passion for craft beer,” Hill said. “The burgers are Wagyu beef on Martin’s potato rolls, cooked on a flat top grill. Throw our own Jack Brown’s sauce on, and it’s hard to not crave it again.”

Jack Brown’s will bring at least 20 new jobs to the area, with a focus on employee satisfaction. If an employee is happy they’ll look out for the business and the customer, said Hill.

The target market is as simple as the menu: it’s everyone. Burgers and beer are two things that accessible to all

Bianca Shoneman, President of Uptown Greenville said, “We are excited to make this announcement. Working in collaboration with the City of Greenville’s Office of Economic Development helps great projects like this become a reality.”

For more information visit www.jackbrownsjoint.com.