Greenville, NC—Pholicious will bring healthy food options to Uptown Greenville. Pho is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup acclaimed for its flavorful broth and nutritious, healthy ingredients.

We asked the owner, Jason Tran, about the new restaurant.


UPTOWN: Why do you love this company?

TRAN: I love this company because of the healthy menu options. Pholicious serves Vietnamese pho, which is the 3rd healthiest food out there. I believe Americans need to start eating healthier, and Pho acts as a natural detox when sick or tired.


UPTOWN: What attracted you to this market? Why Uptown Greenville?

TRAN: The diversity of the population in Uptown Greenville is what attracted us to this market. We want to encourage people of all ages to make better eating decisions by offering delicious and healthy menu options.


UPTOWN: Do you own more than one Pholicious Restaurant?

TRAN: This will be second Pholicious I own, with plans to open more in Raleigh. The first shop I opened is located in Charlotte, NC.


UPTOWN: We like that you sell healthy food. What two items are a must try?

TRAN: Try pho beef or chicken. Pho is a flavorful and light Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, a few herbs, and meat.


UPTOWN: What does the average meal costs?

TRAN: On average, a meal is about 7.99. We offer beverages like smoothies and Boba tea as well.


Located on Reade Circle at the Boundary @ West End, Pholicious will be open from 10am-9pm. They will be offering delivery and catering options as well. Learn more about their company here: http://www.pholiciousinc.com/