Business IncubatorCost: Undetermined Private/Public dollars
Technology Transfer CenterCost: Undetermined ECU/CoG working with Brian Whishneff on a deal in the outskirts of Uptown in a tobacco warehouse
Dickinson Avenue Corridor Study$2,000,000 (Study: $200,000) Brian Whisneff and Associates Estimated completion date August, 2014
Evans Street Streetscape$7,000,000 Design work under contract
RFI TheaterCost: Undetermined
GO-Science Center$2,250,000 Received $500,000 in 2004 Bond money Phase 1 Construction underway
Town Common Masterplan$13,000,000 (un-funded) May include Phase I upfits in GO Bond
Cotanche-Reade Alley Improvements$2,000,000- under construction FIG Recipient, plus capital improvements to adjoining public property
Merchant Alley Improvements$150,000 2004 Bond monies Project complete
Uptown Parking Deck$4,400,000 Construction begins June 3, 2014
Stilllife $1,100,000
Luna Pizza$250,000

Under Construction

Taft/Ward Mixed Use$42,000,000- under construction CIG Recipient
SuperBlock$2,000,000- under construction FIG Recipient, plus capital improvements to adjoining public property
HotelEstimate: $8,000,000 Land under contract. Due diligence phaseWorking with ECU to secure adjoining property
Uptown Theatre$2,200,000-under construction
Whirligig stage Theater$175,000-under construction
DA Farmers & Makers Market $350,000
Proximity $54,000,000- under construction
Dickinson Lofts/ University Edge $32,000,000
Gather Uptown$30,000,000
10th Street Connector $37,000,000
ECU Student Union $120,000,000
Greenville Transportation

and Activity Center (G-TAC)
$7,900,000 90% of cost covered by ARRA Federal earmark
Town Common$2,000,000


ECU Millenial Campus $90,000,000
Dickinson Avenue $12,000,000
Town Creek Culvert$38,000,000
Science and Technology Building $90,000,000
ECU Uptown 209
Hotel $17,000,000

Under Construction Growth Statistics

Retail/Restaurants 41,200 SQ FT
Office Space215,000 SQ FT
Residential 615,000 SQ FT