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Changes to Uptown Greenville Parking Enforcement Times:

  • Street parking and all 2-hour parking locations in the Uptown area will be enforced on a periodic basis up to 10 PM at the request of several restaurant owners. (According to City Code 10-2-175, the 2-hour rule does not have time restrictions. i.e. it can be enforced as needed in the evenings)
  • The Parking Deckhours have not changed.  They are still 9 – 6 PM, however, we have begun enforcement from 5 – 6 PM in conjunction with the evening street parking enforcement.

City Code

SEC. 10-2-175 TWO-HOUR PARKING LIMITATION. (A) Definitions of limited time parking zones. Downtown limited time parking zone. Limitation on parking, as designated by the city, in the area bordered by the Tar River to the north, Reade Circle to the south, Greene Street to the west, and Reade Street to the east. Such limitation shall be in accordance with this section. Residential limited time parking zone. Limitation on parking, as designated by the city, when such parking is in an area which has a predominantly residential use. Such limitation shall be in accordance with this section and may be modified by other posted signage. (B) Violation of parking limitation prohibited. No person shall park a motor vehicle in any limited time parking zone, as defined in this section, for a period of more than two consecutive hours, except in those spaces marked with “Leased Parking Only” signs or in those spaces designated for downtown permit parking when the vehicle has a properly displayed valid downtown parking permit tag. To interrupt the continuity of the allowable two-hour period of parking, the motor vehicle must be out of that same limited time parking zone for more than one hour. (Ord. No. 828, passed 12-14-1978, Ord. No. 1945, § 2, passed 1-12-1989; Ord. No. 00-111, § 1, passed 8-10-2000; Ord. No. 12-031, § 2, passed 8-6-2012; Ord. No. 14-051, § 2, passed 9-8-2014)


Except in a period of emergency determined by an officer of the Fire Rescue or Police Department, or in compliance with the directions of a police officer or traffic-control sign or signal, when any vehicle shall be parked in any parking space in a parking meter zone the operator of the vehicle shall, upon entering the parking meter space, immediately deposit or cause to be deposited in the meter such proper coin of the United States or payment as is required for the parking meter and as is designated by proper direction on the meter, and when required by the direction on the meter, the operator of the vehicle, after the deposit of the proper coin, shall also set in operation the timing mechanism on the meter when so required in accordance with directions properly appearing thereon. Failure to deposit the proper coin or payment and to set the timing mechanism in operation when so required shall constitute a violation of this article. Upon the deposit of such coin or payment and the setting of the timing mechanism in operation when so required, the parking space may lawfully be occupied by the vehicle during the period of time which has been prescribed for the part of the street in which the parking space is located; provided, that any person placing a vehicle in a parking meter space which indicates that unused time has been left in the meter by the 2013 S-4 Traffic Regulations 10-29 the previous occupant of the space shall not be required to deposit a coin or make a payment so long as his or her occupancy of the space does not exceed the indicated unused parking time. If the vehicle shall remain parked in any such parking space beyond the parking limit set for the parking space, then and in that event, the vehicle shall be considered as parking overtime and beyond the period of legal parking time, and such parking shall be deemed a violation of this article. (Ord. No. 768, § 1, passed 4-13-1978; Ord. No. 10-81, § 1, passed 10-11-2010)


Parking meters shall be operated in the parking meter zones every day between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., except Sundays and holidays. Within the meaning of this section, the term a holiday shall include only January 1, July 4, December 25, Thanksgiving Day as observed in the state, and such other days as shall be designated holidays by the city. (Ord. No. 768, § 1, passed 4-13-1978; Ord. No. 10-81, § 1, passed 10-11-2010)