Greenville, NC – Hey TVM Art & Apparel recently opened its venue at 817 Dickinson Avenue, bringing an artistic spin to Uptown Greenville.


Hey TVM rides the line between, art and brand, property and service. For the past ten years, Owner Trevor Van Meter was quietly working out of h

is home office. He then saw the opportunity to reach out and make a difference through sharing his work at this new location. He hopes to inspire fellow artists with a ‘can do’ attitude, ensuring them that their dream is possible.


“I am a purveyor of positive vibes,” said Van Meter. “I would like my art and apparel to be a reminder for people when they put on a shirt, or see a picture they have hanging, that they can do anything. They can choose to show up as the best version of themselves. I want to be the one who always knew they could.”

Van Meter has been an illustrator, animator, and artist since 1999. During the 2000s, he made art and toys while doing service work for Google, Disney, Hasbro, and more. As of 2012, he stopped making toys and focused on making games.


A unique feature to the store is that all of the content and merchandise is 100% original. “I draw a lot of inspiration for my designs from my childhood influences, main

ly skate graphics, toys and games. Also, memes. Lots and lots of memes” said Van Meter.


“I have worked on some incredible projects and had some catastrophic failures. I wouldn’t trade any of it. It has made me a better artist, a better animator, and most importantly a better person” explained Van Meter.


Hey TVM operates by the company motto; “Wake up every day and choose your best self over your less self, and keep an eye on your paradise.” This is the concept behind their company logo, a pineapple with an eye.


For more information visit Facebook @HeyTVMpage or https://www.heytvm.store.