Boundary investors purchase entire City Block in the Uptown district.

Uptown Greenville reached record levels of investment in 2014 with the Uptown Parking Deck, the CommunitySmith Superblock project, and The Boundary at West End development, among many others. As the dawn of 2015 breaks, investment and development in the district only continues.

Ward Holdings, LLC and Taft Family Offices, the investment partners currently building “The Boundary at West End,” a luxury student housing project in Uptown Greenville, have purchased a property comprising an entire city block in Uptown Greenville.

Located at 201 West First Street across from the Town Common, the property is bordered by Washington and Greene streets and was formerly owned by Bank of America. The sale price has not yet been disclosed, but the building and adjoining land are valued at just under $2.48 million according to public tax records.

Jim Ward of Ward Holdings, LLC says that the opportunity to purchase a large parcel in an excellent and strategic location was one that he and his partners could not ignore, and that they are excited to be a part of the revitalization of the Uptown district. The Town Common is a crucial public asset, he added. The 1.86-acre property includes the former bank building, which was constructed in 1975.

Specific plans for the site have not been announced.

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