Continuing the recent resurgence in the Dickinson Avenue Corridor,

this development will help further the needs of the hospital and university community

Uptown Greenville, NC – Plans for a $32 million mixed-use investment in the Dickinson Avenue corridor are now underway by Sidewalk Development, an established real estate development firm with offices in Baltimore, Maryland, and Charleston, South Carolina.

Sidewalk announced today they seek to sign a contract for the city parking lot at the corner of Dickinson Road and Read Circle. The firm plans to build a mixed-use project that will consist of the city’s first 40-unit market rate apartment complex with 20,000 SF of retail, restaurant and office space, as well as a 60-unit student housing project.

Tim Elliott, a Partner with Sidewalk Development stated, “After examining the Dickinson Avenue Master Plan prepared by Ayers Saint Gross Architects of Baltimore, we are excited to have the opportunity to participate in the district vision by developing a mixed-use project that will help serve the hospital and university professionals in this corridor.”

Plans call for the development of a 2-acre parcel where the firm intends to construct two buildings on the site – one market rate apartment complex facing Dickinson Avenue with all the housing amenities currently available in residential projects including a rooftop pool; and another building facing South Pitt that will be a student residential project. “We want to acknowledge Greenville’s staff and city council. Their pioneering vision to complete the Dickinson Avenue Master Plan inspired private interest in this historically significant area. The Sidewalk Development project, using “Live. Work. Play.” guiding principle, will have a major increase in our tax base, residential population and commercial/retail offerings.”

“Great momentum and resurgence in the Uptown District has been experienced recently and we plan to only add to that success,” Elliott further explains. “This development will become the new gateway that will help to demonstrate Greenville as a leader in urban redevelopment in this region,” he continued.


About Sidewalk:

Sidewalks are actually links connecting and promoting community physical assets.  The perception of that walk means everything for a town’s success.

Sidewalk Development is a real estate development company predominantly focused on aligning the interests of the private, municipal, and university stakeholders. They have built a reputation for creatively and holistically approaching real estate development that solves the many diverse challenges of integrating campus life, community culture, and commerce needs within a growing university town setting.

Their real estate projects jointly build and develop the “art of the stroll” for the sidewalks of an intellectual community and destination with projects beyond a student-centric culture.


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