Uptown Greenville and The United Way of Pitt County proudly announce the groundbreaking of the Live United Courtyard on Monday, September 21 at 11:00am. The courtyard is located on the Southside of 4th Street between Merchants Alley and Evans Street and will be the first urban oasis of its kind in Uptown Greenville. The ceremony is free and open to the public. 

The courtyard’s design will feature a collection of the following: a hopscotch board; a spiral pattern of pavers in reference to The Wizard of Oz’s yellow brick road to encourage youth to follow their sense of imagination; a planting bed with plants carefully chosen for qualities such as shape, color, smell and texture to encourage youth to look, listen, touch, and think; and an iron fence with gates designed by a North Carolina artist that will enclose the courtyard making it a save haven for people of all ages. 

The courtyard will serve as the crest for the proposed “Uptown Born Learning Trail” which will be composed of several stations throughout the district to provide parents/caregivers and their children the opportunity to get out, get active, and bond.

The Live United Courtyard is designed to engage youths and adults in a quality urban experience while simultaneously fostering opportunities to build physical, intellectual, emotional, and social strength in families.

Funding for the project was awarded to Uptown Greenville from the United Way of Pitt County and The Redevelopment Commission of the City of Greenville. Rivers and Associates designed the project. The Pitt County Arts Council served as the Public Art Consultant. The City’s Public Works Department will manage construction oversight for the project 

For more information, please email Uptown Greenville at info@uptowngreenville.com or call the office (252) 561-8400