Uptown Greenville & The City of Greenville hosted a public parking meeting yesterday, Jan. 26th, to discuss the revisions made to the E-Tag Parking Program, updates on the 4th Street Parking Deck, and information regarding the upcoming Evans Street road closure. Find all the information from the meeting below!


E-tag Program:
–       A parking tag available to employees and residents that allows for them to park Uptown for longer than 2 hours
–       Adjustments made to the program:
o   $75 per year
o   “E” Hang tag as opposed to a sticker
o   Park up to 24-hours in any of the E-tag designated spaces
o   You can pick up applications at City Hall – at the Finance Department. You do have to show a form of proof that you are either a resident or employee in the Uptown district when applying.
o   12 is the cap of E-tags available for any one business and each business owner will need to show proof for the amount of employees that you are applying for that they work for your business. The license tags of all vehicles that will be using it the tag will also be needed at the time of application.
o   The map of the E-tag parking can be found on Uptown Greenville’s website under Park

4th Street Parking Deck:
–       No date set for the deck to be opened, but it will likely be sometime in the next month.
–       Use Plan:
o   Bottom two levels: M-F, 7am-5pm, metered-pay parking at the same rate for other metered-parking in the district (75 cents/hour)
o   Top two levels will be leased-parking, $46/month | $138.00/quarterly – will go up $2 every year. The spaces are numbered and will be assigned.
o   Applications available at City Hall.
o   Businesses who want multiple spaces: Each application has to be filled out by each employee, but the City will accept one payment for multiple applications if the business is paying for the spots.
o   Free parking on weekends and on evenings on all four levels.
–       Sanitation of the deck: will be maintain 24-hours a day
–       Safety features: 28 cameras throughout the deck, GPD monitoring the cameras daily, LED lighting throughout the deck, and the head of the City Center GPD unit has a plan for maintain its safety

The Boundary at West End Project Road Closures (Feb. 9 – Feb. 20):
–       Utility crossings that need to be down: new sewer, water and electric easements – will take a total of two weeks to complete
–       From Feb. 9 – Feb. 20, Evans Street will be closed from 8th to Reade Circle
–       From 10th Street to 8th Street, Evans Street will only be open for local traffic to the specific businesses located on that street; Evans will not be open to thru traffic in that segment.

Download (PDF, 2.04MB)