GREENVILLE, NC—Get ready for the first-ever rage room to call the Uptown District home. Anger Management, located at 625 Clark Street, will give individuals the opportunity to shatter away their anger safely.

Owner Lorina Garrison was inspired to open Anger Management based on her past experience at a rage room in Charlotte, NC. “Everyone is stressed about something and this is a fun way to get rid of that stress or any pent-up anger,” said Garrison.

Whether the customer wants to smash plates or bash through a car door, Anger Management offers a variety of items of various sizes to break for your stress relief needs. The rooms will be filled with items that individuals can either hit, beat, or break in numerous ways.

Customers can listen to their own choice of music as they smash their anger away. There will be Bluetooth speakers included in each room for individuals to enjoy their favorite genre of music while smashing and shattering items.

Anger Management, the “Come Take It Out On Us” rage room will offer the community stress relief while also maintaining a fun and safe environment. All customers are required to wear the safety equipment that is provided.

For more information, visit https://www.angermgmtnc.com or check out the social media platforms below:

Instagram: @angermgmtnc

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/angermgmtnc