GREENVILLE, NC—Votre Boutique recently relocated to 401 Evans Street, in the heart of Uptown Greenville. Votre, meaning “yours” in French, encompasses the welcoming ambiance of the store.

Owner Pam Carraway dreamt about opening a retail store since her childhood. “I have always been drawn to fashion. I have worked in the retail industry in Richmond, VA and Greenville, NC,” said Carraway.

The modern yet glamours design of the store was created by Carraway’s daughter, Maddy. Maddy has taken her knowledge and skills she accumulated from her travels and brought her vision to fruition. She is now taking a deeper dive with the Interior Design Program at East Carolina University.

Carraway has had plans to open her boutique in the Uptown District since the inception of Votre Boutique beginning. “I opened Votre August 1, 2017 at another location in town and was waiting for the right spot and timing to make things happen in the Uptown District,” said Carraway.

Through many attempts of finding the perfect location Carraway waited until the ideal space became available. She has worked for years alongside Don Edwards and Tony Khoury. When the location at the corner of 4th and Evans became available, she jumped at the opportunity to work with Morris Moye, Steve Jones, and Travis Albea to secure her store’s new home.

Carraway wants everyone that steps into Votre to have a wonderful shopping experience. “We are locally owned where you can make suggestions and requests for items, and they are heard and acted upon,” said Carraway.

To shop Votre Boutique, visit https://votrebtq.com or their social media platforms below:

Instagram: @votrebtq

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/votrebtq/