To create interactive events which bring vibrancy in Uptown Greenville during the First Friday ArtWalk

The program goals:
• To help incubate and facilitate innovative and entrepreneurial ideas and creativity in downtown.
Help facilitate and attract events, which will provide needed/desired programming within downtown public plazas and streets.

• Help provide a public platform for entertainment, recreation, goods, and services to downtown residents, employees, and visitors.

• Promote the plazas while simultaneously providing a venue for various downtown merchants, vendors, entertainers, and organizations.

•Improve the overall quality of life in Uptown Greenville through public events to bring value through various services, goods, and programming.

• The program aims to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for residents, downtown employees, and citizens from all walks of life.

Types of event subjects eligible include but are not limited to:
• Cooking/culinary, nature/wildlife, design, science/discovery, art/visual, teaching/education, public performance, music, agriculture/gardening, multimedia, craft/maker markets, health/fitness, literature, Recreation, Startups, and more.

• Priority is put on events which are: Interactive, Innovative, Educational, Creative, and showcase a dynamic variety of components.